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Plant a Pollinator Garden

Create Your Very Own Pollinator Garden!

Imagine stepping into a magical oasis filled with flowers blooming in brilliant hues designed specifically to attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.


Suitable for students in JK and SK.

Grade 1 to 3

Suitable for students from 1st to 3rd grade.

Grade 4 to 6

Suitable for students from 4th to 6th grade.

Lolo National Forest
Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden Using Native Plants

Growing native plants adds beauty and important habitats for wildlife, especially for pollinators. Even a small backyard garden can make a big difference. Gardening connects us to nature and helps us better understand
how nature works. This guide will help you create a pollinator-friendly garden.

Gardening in Michigan
Smart Gardening for Poll
How to protect and support bees, butterflies and other pollinators in your yard and garden.
My Wildlife Allotment
13 great Pollinator-friendly Plants
Here are some great ideas of what to plant for pollinators in your vegetable garden.
David Suzuki Foundation
How to create a Butterflyway through your neighbourhood

As our communities continue to grow, local butterflies and bees are losing natural spaces to eat, sleep and raise their young. You can help make your neighbourhood more bee- and butterfly-friendly by following a few easy steps.