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Pollinator Crafts & Activities

Have Fun Learning About Pollinators!

Check out these activities, stories, games and crafts to learn even more about our pollinator friends.


Suitable for students in JK and SK.

Grade 1 to 3

Suitable for students from 1st to 3rd grade.

Grade 4 to 6

Suitable for students from 4th to 6th grade.

Activity Sheets

Pollinator Presentation
Pollinator Activity Sheets

After watching our Pollinator presentation, download these activity sheets for your class.

Honey Bee Presentation
Honey Bee Activity Sheets

After watching our Honey Bee presentation, download these activity sheets for your class.

Pollinator Videos

Buttercup Yoga
Bee Breath

Calming Breathing Exercises for kids.

SciShow Kids
Build a Beehouse!
Build a house for solitary mason bees.
The Joyful Bookshelf
🐝 Are You a Bee?
Read aloud story for kids.
Mrs. Rebecca's Read Aloud
I Am a Bee by Rebecca and James McDonald
Learn about the amazing life of a honey bee.

Arts & Crafts

Make Your Own

Toilet Paper Roll Pollinators

Celebrate the beauty of pollinators by making your very own bee, butterfly, caterpillar and ladybug from a toilet paper roll and materials found in your classroom. 

Toilet Paper Roll Pollinators Craft
What You Need:
  1. Choose which pollinator you’d like to make, and paint your toilet paper roll the appropriate colour. Set aside to dry.
  2. Make your wings! Take a piece of colourful construction paper and fold it in half so you can cut both wings at once. Next cut out a pair of wings or a fat leaf for your caterpillar. 
  3. Once the paint on your toilet paper roll is dry, use paint to add stripes to your pollinator.
  4. Glue on googly eyes and/or use a felt tip pen to add a face.
  5. Choose a piece of pipe cleaner and use the safety scissors to cut it in half. Twist or curl one end to make antennas and glue them to the inside of the toiler paper roll.
  6. Glue on the wings or leaf and finish decorating your pollinator by adding spots, stickers and gems to make them extra beautiful.

Use Your Imagination!

There are thousands of pollinator species in Canada, and every pollinator is beautiful and unique in its own way. Use your imagination and all the colours of the rainbow to make your pollinator extra special.