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Zoe Arnold

Zoe Arnold

Zoe Arnold

Bee Ambassador

My name is Zoe and I love to be outside more than anywhere else. One of my favourite things to do is to grow and preserve my own vegetables and fruit. I am very grateful to the bees and pollinators and am looking forward to sharing knowledge and awareness of these crucial critters with students!

I work as an outdoor educator based in Saskatoon, and have had the pleasure of teaching and learning in Manitoba, Ontario, Norway, and the UK. I have a B.Ed specializing in Outdoor Education, a UK Forest School Certificate, and a B.Sc. in Biology where I focused my studies on botany and plant ecology. I have previously worked as a garden and urban agriculture coordinator which included writing curriculum for a youth garden internship and organizing Seedy Saturday events.

I am a board member with Seeds of Diversity Canada and started a seed exchange partnership in Saskatoon with the local library. I’m glad to be a Bee Ambassador to help connect and create more pollinator friendly people, schools and cities.

We really enjoyed this presentation and will definitely be booking again in the future. It aligns well with curriculum and was age appropriate for our group. Thanks again!

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