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Tanuj Pandya

Tanuj Pandya

Tanuj Pandya

Bee Ambassador

Tanuj is currently a student at York University under the Concurrent Education program. He is pursuing a BSC with a major in environmental science as well as a BED degree. Tanuj has volunteered at summer camps and as a tutor and has found great satisfaction in teaching children. He is also a passionate environmentalist and shares his journey to a more sustainable lifestyle as a content creator on instagram.

He became a Bee Ambassador in August 2021 and hopes to continue the Bee Ambassadors Canada vision and share the beauty of the world we live in with our future generations.

The new presentation was fantastic. Tanuj has a fantastic rapport with my students. I loved the flow. It was very interactive (drama, physical activities, dance, lecture, questions, and answers). Tanuj has lots of patience with my grade one students. Thank you so much.

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