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Shelly Candel

Shelly Candel

Shelly Candel


In 2016, Shelly Candel founded Bee City Canada, a registered charity to engage cities, towns, schools, and businesses to protect pollinators by planting native trees and plants, educating the public about pollinators, and finding creative and fun ways to participate in Pollinator Week.

In 2020 Shelly started the Bee City Ambassador Program and researched, developed, and delivered a series of in-person presentations for JK to Grade 6 on pollinators and pollination. Feedback on the presentations was immensely positive and enthusiastic, and as one teacher would share the link with another colleague, more Bee City Ambassadors were needed to meet the demand. As children were sent home during the Covid-19 lockdowns, teachers and students appreciated the enthusiastic, fun presentations delivered live, online.

Thank you so much for today's presentation. The students loved it! Shelly was a passionate and engaging speaker who was able to hold the attention of a energetic group of Grade 3 students. The videos and story connections were fantastic and left an impression on all of us. After the presentation the students sketched a bee, considered life cycle of a honey bee and make notes about things they had learned. I was very impressed with all the "bee facts" the students came away with. Thank you so much.

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