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Matt Thomson

Matt Thomson

Matt Thomson

Board Member

Growing up outside of Orillia, Ontario, Matt has always enjoyed the outdoors and took every opportunity to learn about the ecological diversity the region has to offer. He studied the art of furniture design in Victoria, BC and continues to build a career in woodworking in his hometown. Though when he’s not in the workshop, he’s usually cycling the countryside, photographing wildlife while observing the affects of a changing climate, losses in biodiversity and taking notice on the impacts of human activities. In 2013 he hosted a television series on the local cable network.

Matt has always had a passion to share his knowledge with others through community events or workshops and collaborating with school teachers. He’s currently stewarding a variety of pollinator conservation activities such as hosting a butterfly count, restoring a pipeline corridor, building community gardens and continues to coordinate with municipal officials on establishing better management practices and bylaw reform.

We really enjoyed this presentation and will definitely be booking again in the future. It aligns well with curriculum and was age appropriate for our group. Thanks again!

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