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Kayla Chutter

Kayla Chutter

Kayla Chutter

Bee Ambassador

My name is Kayla (she/her) and I am studying Environmental Sciences & Event Planning at the University of Waterloo. I grew up in Vancouver and love spending time outdoors! I was a ski instructor at Whistler Blackcomb for two years, worked as an Au Pair in Paris after graduating from highschool, and I spent the last summer living out of my car to travel the country and work with an Indigenous non-profit.

I really enjoy organizing community events, working with children, making art, and thrifting with friends. I’m very excited to be a part of this wonderful team of educators and change-makers!

"Kayla was fantastic - she switched it up so that our young learners could have movement breaks and had a nice mix of discussion and visuals. Great job!"

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