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Elaine Sedgman

Elaine Sedgman

Board Member

I’m an educator, artist, Master Gardener and the author/illustrator of a Bee Named BOB and Andrena a Mining Bee. But mostly I’m bee-sotted with the diversity of our native bees. I wrote and illustrated these books when surprisingly, I found only books about non-native honey bees in my local library system.

I’ve taken numerous taxonomy workshops to learn how to identify pollinators and completed the requirements for Apprentice Level Certification of the Oregon Bee Atlas Master Melittologist Program. I am also a member of the Native Bee Society of BC.

I’m the Citizen Science Coordinator for the Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners, organizing workshops and pollinator counts with adults and children. I get a buzz out of presenting my books to kids as well as adults in schools, libraries and events.

I am grateful to live on the unceded traditional lands of the Secwepemc Nation, in southern British Columbia, Canada. These semi-desert bunchgrass grasslands support a vast diversity of bees.

The first thing I do on a summer morning is to brew a cup of tea and go searching for what’s buzzing in my garden!

We really enjoyed this presentation and will definitely be booking again in the future. It aligns well with curriculum and was age appropriate for our group. Thanks again!

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