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Proud Sponsors of Bee Ambassadors Canada

Bee Ambassadors Canada thanks all our sponsors for their generous donations. Their support helps provide programs such as teaching young students about pollination, pollinators, and planetary health so they grow up to be responsible stewards of our earth.

Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company

Bee Ambassadors Canada has partnered with Radical Roots Seed Bomb Company so you can purchase seed bombs for your classroom! Use discount code BEEINSPIRED15 to save 15% on your order!

Seed bombs are more than just eco-friendly tools; they serve as catalysts for positive environmental change. These self-contained capsules have the potential to turn barren areas into thriving, biodiverse landscapes. By distributing native seeds in a nutrient-rich package, seed bombs make guerrilla gardening accessible to everyone. This initiative aims to combat ecological degradation, restore fragile ecosystems, and boost biodiversity.

Together, we can plant the seeds of hope and regeneration, envisioning a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

What exactly are seed bombs?

These seed bombs, filled with worm castings, biochar, red clay, and native seeds, provide a straightforward way to support the environment. You can simply toss them on the ground, wait for rain, and watch as the plants grow. They cover about one square foot and yield perennial plants that return year after year. These plants enhance biodiversity, offer vital resources for wildlife, and improve soil and water quality. Using these seed bombs is an easy way to make a positive impact and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world right in your own backyard. has made a donation in support of Bee Ambassadors Canada. Their generous support will allow us to give our free online presentations to more Canadian classrooms! Use discount code WELOVETEACHERS to get 20% off your order!

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Lynda Goldman Fine Art

Introducing artist Lynda Goldman. Her abstract flower paintings are inspired by the glorious colors in nature. In addition, she has been a life-long environmental educator. She gave talks on pollution over 30 years ago, when her children were young. Now she has grandchildren, and is even more motivated to help heal our environment, for their futures. 

Shop here to beautify your home, and contribute to Bee Ambassadors Canada: 20% of Art Print Sales will go to Bee Ambassador Canada

Lynda Goldman Fine Art

About Lynda Goldman’s “Art for a Cause”

“My family always inspired me to help make the world a better place. Now I want to use this time in my life to give back. From a recent art show, I donated money to a women’s shelter, and several environmental groups. My highest goal is to offer a moment of joy and beauty to the world, and to use a portion of my art sales for the causes I’m passionate about. Now I’m partnering with Bee Ambassador’s Canada, donating a portion of my fine art sales to educate and support the next generation”. – Lynda Goldman